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And another busy month for all of the Towers – in activities and in preparation!!  Lots of readings, reviews, and preparation for the 1000 Book challenge, the Ranelagh Arts Festival Anthology and the performance of Oran’s play – more details about all of these below under News!
But to start!  We opened the month with the Both Sides of the Pond Reading on the 2nd of August – where we were delighted to get to know Californian poet, Lynne Knight ( who read at the event along side Dublin writer Oran Ryan, Dublin poet Eamonn Lynskey,  New Zealand born poet Ross Hattaway, Dublin poet and translator Anamaria Crowe Serrano at a wonderful sharing of cultures and ideas at this cultural cross over MCd by Steve Conway.
This was followed by the first Chapters and Verse lunchtime event of the month on the 5th which saw Seamus Cashman reading a mixture of old and new work, including some harrowing new material from his experience in Palestine.  Patricia O’Callaghan partnered Seamus at this event, reading from her recent publication The Tailor’s Shop (Lapwing 2009). 
The Themed reading at Chapters on 13th August the turned out to be very successful and lots of fun for all involved.  The theme for this event was animals, and all readers read work based directly on the theme – which given some of the tenuous links that have been forged in the past, was definitely refreshing.  We also got to see different aspects of the theme, with poems ranging from childhood memories to environmental issues – and even some work from strangely precocious animals!!  Eamonn Lynskey included in his set one of the iconic animal poems of all time – with the immortal opening line, etched in cultural consciousness – ‘Tiger, tiger, burning bright’ which originally emerged many years ago from the pen of William Blake.  Eamonn’s fellow readers at the event were Alma Brayden, Steve Conway (who had a very specific take on the theme!), Catherine Ann Cullen, Ross Hattaway, Eamonn Lynskey and Oran Ryan.  You can read more about Eamonn’s take on the event on his new blog at  Steve Conway also blogs on WordPress at
The second lunchtime reading in Chapters saw a very welcome return to the lunchtime event s by Kildare poet Liam Aungier who was in flying form at the reading, with sparkling humour and lots of music.  Liam was partnered by Eamonn Lynskey who read from his work recently published in that worthy journal The SHOp, in their beautifully produced current issue, and some other work on the theme of the direct personal effects of war.
And on 26th August, the last Wednesday we had out dual event – the transatlantic open mic – in Cassidy’s Bar in Dublin and Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook in Brooklyn.
In Dublin, MC Declan McLoughlin  was in flying form, demonstrating his special ability to count up to four, with only a limited amount of prompting from the audience, and carefully plugging all of our upcoming events!  The evening was ably opened by Ross Hattaway who opened his set by democratically insulting everybody, and then progressed to praising team activities.  Ross also delved into his own back catalogue and read an excellent poem about Samuel Marsden one the founding fathers of his antipodean birthplace.  He closed as always with his gift, and this time it was “Fire Report – No Alarm” from the poet Gregory Corso.   Ross was followed to the mic by Eoin Hegarty making awelcome return to the open mic after a summer hiatus teaching in Ethiopia and he included in his set some short poetic snapshots of his African experience.  Eoin was followed by Jim Rooney who balanced his particular brand of humour – with poems about socks eating each other and angel poets going up in flames – with a more serious work about a species of monkey becoming extinct.  Jim ended his set with a striking work about his interpretation of Brian Frien’s particular brand of editing!!  Noel Ó Briain took to the mic after Jim and made up for being unable to attend the themed reading earlier in the month – for which he had a lot of relevant work! – by reading a poem penned by his dog Sam, and a requiem for Blossom the Donkey.  Mary Wogan followed Noel. In her maiden voyage at the Last Wednesday Series are read about snow in North Dakota, and Farah Fawcett’s feeling for rain.  Bob Shakeshaft was next up and he read works in progress about drug addiction, and in keeping with the animal theme set by Jim and Noel, also about life among cats and butterflies.  Bob handed mic over to Stephen James Smith.   Steve runs the well worth attending Glóir Sessions in the International Bar every Monday night, and he read his poem ‘How Are You?’ which has just been included on an American University syllabus and his bi-lingual poem that won the 2009 Cúirt Poetry Slam.  Steve also read the poem ‘As Well As You Are’ by one of his heroes, fellow Dublin poet Pat Ingoldsby.  After Stephen, Desmond Swords read his reponse to comments in the Magma blog about ‘default’ poems, and reminded us about the Leinster Slam heat in O’Neills Bar on 24th September.  Desmond was followed by Jane Robinson who read a harrowing poem about Mrs Waldron’s monkey and some work inspired by photographic art, poems that were in themselves, word photographs.  Eamonn Lynskey followed Jane and read some work inspired by his difficulties, discomfort and pain regarding current wars and their impacts – and responsibilities.  Eamonn was followed by Delta O’Hara,  who took the opportunity to practice her new instalment about life working on a telephone sex line – which she is preparing for her performance on the spoken word stage at the up-coming Electric Picnic Festival.  Eileen Keane took the mic next – and finally gave us the second instalment of her story Tea at Clongorey Hotel which she left us waiting for at an earlier open mic!!  It was worth waiting for, though.   Oran Ryan closed the evening, though he took a lesson from Eileen in how to torture your audience – or is it leaving them wanting more – as he read the first instalment of a new story The Book Club, which he hopefully will finish at the next event!.
And, meanwhile, across the pond, things were also getting busy in Rocky Sullivans in Red Hook in Brooklyn with MC Lisa McLaughlin and resident reader Quincy R Lehr.  We have the following from our New York correspondent!!
“The Last Wednesday reading at Rocky Sullivan’s seems to be picking up.  Metrical poetry scene regular Robert Donohue opened things up with some new work that was only slightly drowned out by the fan blasting away at maximum power. (New York in August is very, very hot, folks). Robert was followed by a poet whom I know only as Creighton, whom I trust will become a regular. Oriane Stender, a local visual artist of no small repute, then read an autobiographical piece about growing up in a left-wing Californian household. Quincy R. Lehr rounded out the night by reading an excerpt from his quasi-epic poem "Heimat." Then we had a couple of beers and all went home.”
2. NEWS:
Lots of big news for August and  September!
Shiprocked, Life on the Waves by Radio Caroline by Steve Conway, (published by Liberties Press, Steve represented by Seven Towers Agency) continues its epic voyage, with a fantastic review, among other places in the Library Journal of America – where the overall verdict of the book was given as “fluidly written and idiosyncratic”.
We are also delighted to announce that the new cover of The Origami Crow, Journey into Japan, World Cup Summer 2002 by Eamonn Carr is progressing nicely – with a wonderful portrait of Eamon by artist John Devlin – which will be unveiled at a date in the near future – continue to hold your breath!
We are also delighted to announce the also imminent publication of Living Streets, Anthology of the Ranelagh Arts Festival, more details of which are below under events.  And of course sticking with the Ranelagh Arts Festival, we are delighted to announce what will be a triumphant return to theatre directing in Dublin by Noel Ó Briain as he directs the first showing of Don Quixote has been Promoted by Oran Ryan.  And full details of this are below also.  A chunk of September will be taken up with rehearsals
Another new venture for us which was we worked on in August and are now  marching triumphantly into September is our 1000 Book Challenge. This is a challenge we have set ourselves and you in support of independent publishing in general – and this independent publishing house specifically.  Many independent publishing houses publish, as we do, books that can be only described as necessary, usually poetry, short stories and literary fiction.  First runs can be relatively small and overheads are usually kept to a minimum so money is spent mostly on producing the books.  Most small independent publishing houses can sustain future publications by selling a few thousand books a year, and to highlight this, we have initiated this 1000 Book Challenge to see how long it will take us to sell 1000 books.  And, in order to thank you for your help in participating in this challenge, we are offering reduced rates to all who buy book directly from Seven Towers – at any of our non-store events, from our websire or by contacting us on  The offer prices are listed with the books at the end of this mail.
And – As Always –
From the Last Wednesday in April 2009, The Last Wednesday Series Reading and Open Mike will run simultaneously in Cassidy’s Bar, Westmoreland St, Dublin 2 and Rocky Sullivan’s, Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York City on the last Wednesday of every month. We believe this exciting event will help to establish an ongoing sharing and twinning relationship between the vibrant writing scene in both communities and also provide an established space in Dublin for writers visiting from America and in New York for Irish writers visiting there. We would like to thank Fáilte Ireland for their help and encouragement in this venture.
Details are available at
Any visiting writers wishing to attend and/or writers wishing to publicise their books at either event can contact Seven Towers at in advance of the event and their details will be circulated with event publicity notices.
Each venue, Cassidy’s Bar and Rocky Sullivan’s give their space free of charge to this event, so we encourage you to support them.  There is a full bar, including soft dinks and tea/coffee available and each venue also have good food menus.  We encourage all patrons to drink sensibly.
Wednesday 2nd September at 1.15 pm sees Ross Hattaway and Oran Ryan partnered for the Chapters and Verse Lunchtime reading at Chapters Bookstore, Parnell St, Dublin 1.  Ross will be reading his own work and that of his good friend Doog Wood and Oran will be reading his own work and that of his friend, the late New York poet Ra Pospisil. 
Ross Hattaway is a New Zealand born Irish poet.  Ross’ first collection The Gentle Art of Rotting was published by Seven Towers in 2006.  Ross’ work has been published all over the world and he has taken part in readings all over the world.  In 2008 he was the first Irish poet to be invited as a featured guest at the International Poetry Spring Festival in Lithuania.  He also guested at the Live Poet’s Society Reading in Sydney in July 2008, and Manhattan’s East Village Saturn Sessions in June 2009.  Ray Pospisil, a Brooklyn based poet and journalist, was born in Bogota, Colombia, and early in his life moved with his parents to Union, New Jersey. He spent most of his life in New York City.  Ray died tragically on January 28, 2008, aged 54.  His p osthumous poetry collection, The Bell, is a book of remarkable precision, feeling, and sense of beauty among the squalor of urban life in the early twenty-first century. Oran Ryan is a novelist, poet and playwright from Dublin.  He has had poems, short stories and literary critical articles published in various magazines.  His first two novels, The Death of Finn and Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger were published by Seven Towers in 2006. He has a play Don Quixote has Benn Promoted  in the up coming Ranelagh Arts Festival.  Oran won a 2008 Arts Council Bursary Award for his current novel New Order from Zero.   Doog Wood was born in Jackson County, North Carolina and has spent his life living between North Carolina, New York, Dublin and Morocc o.  He has an MFA from Columbia University in New York and currently lives between New York and Dublin, Ireland, where he teaches Latin in Trinity College.  Doog is married to Jennifer Lyons and they have one son Thaddeus.
On Thursday 10th September at 6.30 the Chapters and Verse Themed reading sees Steve Conway, Catherine Ann Cullen, Ross Hattaway, Eamonn Lynskey and Noel O Briain all reading from their work on the theme of ‘Autumn’.  Steve Conway  is the Dublin born former DJ and Programme controller on Radio Caroline and broadcaster on Phantom 105.6FM and author of Shiprocked, Life on the Waves with Radio Caroline; Catherine Ann Cullen, also a DUbiner is a poet, teacher and broadcaster and her collection A Bone in my Throat is published by Doghouse Books; Ross Hattaway is an internationally acclaimed Irish poet, born in New Zealand, and author of The Gentle Art of Rotting  – published by Seven Towers in English and in part by the Lithuanian Poetry Spring Festival in Lithuanian;  Eamonn Lynskey is a very well respected performance and political poet originally from Kilmainham  in Dublin and now living in Lucan and his second collection And Suddenly the Sun Again will be published shortly by Seven Towers; Noel Ó Briain  is a poet, actor, award winning producer and director and author of Scattering Day, 21 Sonnets and Other poems. 
Wednesday 16th September 1.15 sees Anamaria Crowe Serrano and Pauline Fayne reading at the lunchtime reading. 
Anamaría Crowe Serrano is Irish and lives in Dublin with her family. She has worked at Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin, and is currently a freelance translator and teacher of Spanish language. She has published several translations of poetry including Valerio Magrelli’s Instructions on How to Read a Newspaper (Chelsea Editions, 2008). Other work includes a collection of short stories, Dall’altra parte (Leconte, Rome, 2003), a one-act play, The Interpreter (Delta3 Edizioni, 2003), and a collection of poems, Paso Doble, (Empiria, Rome, 2006) written as a poetic dialogue with the Italian poet Annamaria Ferramosca. Her first full length collection of poetry, Femispheres, was published by Shearsman, UK, in March 2008. Pauline Fayne was born in 1954 and lives in Tallaght, Co. Dublin.  Her first collection Journey was published in 1979 by Sheveck Press.  Her second collection Killer of Fishes was published by Stonebridge  Publications in 2001.  A third collection I’m Fine, Really was published by Stonebridge Publications in October 2005.  Her fourth collection Mowing in the Dark will be published by Stonebridge in 2010.  Pauline’s work has been included in several anthologies, including: The White Page  (edited by Joan Mc Breen and published by Salmon Press); Four Urban Voices (edited by Dermot Bolger and published by Raven Arts Press);  Rainbows and Stone (edited by Michael Bouchier and published by Real Ireland).  Her work has also been broadcast on RTE Radio 1 and BBC Radio.
Saturday September 19th will see the launch of the much anticipated Living Streets, Anthology of the Ranelagh Arts Festival in the Festival Headquarters at 26 Ranelagh at 3pm.  This is a free and public event and alla re invited.  The Anthology is drawn from works of people who have featured at the Ranelagh Arts Festival and contains written work from Bill Barich, Eamon Carr, Evelyn Conlon, Tom Conaty, Anthony Cronin, Tony Gilmore, Pauline Hall, Ross Hattaway, Anne Haverty, Francis Hyland, Maeve Kelly, Eamonn Lynskey, Aidan Matthews, Cláir Ní Aonghusa, Eiléan Ní Chuilleanán, Noel Ó Briain, Honor Ó Brolcháin, Louise O’Callaghan, Raven, Nollaig Rowan, James Ryan, Oran Ryan, David Scott, Luke Sheehan, Ronan Sheehan, Macdara Woods.  The Anthology also contains artwork from Bohoe, Raghu Babu, Imelda Healy, Kate Horgan, Ann Murphy, Daragh Owens, Martin Parr, Brigid Tiernan.
Saturday 26th September sees the equally anticipated staging of the play Don Quixote Has Been Promoted by Oran Ryan, directed by Noel Ó Briain, starring Raven as Rocinante Eamonn Lynskey as Dead  Corpse and Nicola Watson as Vulture 1.  Stage Sets are by Colm Desmond. Craig Kavanagh is Stage Manager. 
The play which is 30 minutes long, will be followed by a poetry reading where Noel, Raven, and Eamonn will read their own work accompanied by Ross Hattaway.  The venue is Scoil Bhride, Oakley Road, Ranelagh, at 7pm.  Tickets to the event are €7, and can be bought in advance from Seven Towers or at the door.  Each purchase will entitle the holder to 10% discount on Seven Towers books including Living Streets, Anthology of the Ranelagh Arts Festival which will feature the text of the play.  So see you there!
AND Wednesday 30th  September is the next Last Wednesday Series Reading and Open Mic – in Cassidy’s Bar and Rocky Sullivan’s  The Dublin event will feature the usual suspects, many of whom are named above in Update and we hope for a big turnout of new voices from Red Hook for the Brooklyn Event. The Red Hook event will also feature Pauline Fayne, Dan Machlin and Quincy R Lehr. 
Pauline Fayne was born in 1954 and lives in Tallaght, Co. Dublin.  Her first collection Journey was published in 1979 by Sheveck Press.  Her second collection Killer of Fishes was published by Stonebridge  Publications in 2001.  A third collection I’m Fine, Really was published by Stonebridge Publications in October 2005.  Her fourth collection Mowing in the Dark will be published by Stonebridge in 2010.  Pauline’s work has been included in several anthologies, including: The White Page  (edited by Joan Mc Breen and published by Salmon Press); Four Urban Voices (edited by Dermot Bolger and published by Raven Arts Press);  Rainbows and Stone (edited by Michael Bouchier and published by Real Ireland).  Her work has also been broadcast on RTE Radio 1 and BBC Radio.  Dan Machlin’s most recent book of poems "Dear Body:" (Ugly Ducking Presse 2007), received a "Face Out" grant for emerging writers from CLMP/The Jerome Foundation.  Previous works include "6×7" (Ugly Duckling), "This Side Facing You" (Heart Hammer Presse) and "In Rem" (@ Press). With Singer/Cellist Serena Jost he has released an Audio CD Collaboration "Above Islands" (Immanent Audio) and has set poems by H.D., Paul Blackburn, and other poets to music.  He recently returned from teaching at the Naropa University Summer Writing Program and is the Founder and Senior Editor of Futurepoem Books (, a NYC-based publisher of innovative literature. More info on his work can be found at:
Quincy R. Lehr was born in Oklahoma City in 1975. His poetry has been published on both sides of the Atlantic in journals and in a small collection, William Montgomery, by New York based chapbook publisher Modern Metrics which Quincy founded with R. Nemo Hill. His first collection Across the Grid of Streets with the accompanying pocket book William Montgomery’s Guide to New York were published by Seven Towers to critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.  Quincy has lived in Dublin and Galway and now lives in New York.  He is associate editor of The Rain Town Review.
4. Other Events and Info to Note
Keep an eye out for other events – including Tuesday 29th September  August – RÁ performance poetry event with Raven, with, Harry Moschops and Angie McLaughlin.   Always a wonderful event, with jazz, blues, poetry, atmosphere! – Cobblestone in Smithfield
And Glóir Sessions every Monday night at 9pm in the International Bar in Dublin; and Mike Igoe’s open mic event in Feile every Second Wednesday. 
Also don’t forget about other events around the country – Limerick;, Cork;,   Galway.
The Whitehouse Poets are looking for Submissions for the next edition of Revival, check;
and check out the DART Poetry In Motion Competition, details at
Advance Notice for:
October –
And remember the imminent celebration of the new cover design of The Origami Crow by Eamon Carr, at the Spirit of Meath Festival – details to be announced shortly.
Also lunchtime readings from Eamonn Lynskey, Eileen Casey, Seamus Cashman and Bernie O’Reilly and Themed reading on the theme of Ghosts and Goblins.
And special guests at the Brooklyn open mic will be Amatoritsero Ede, Doog Wood and Quincy R Lehr. 
And November will see Steve Conway on his Winter Storm Tour with Shiprocked, Life on the Waves with Radio Caroline to read from the book and raise awareness and funds for the RNLI.
And lunchtime readings with Oran Ryan, Eamonn Lynskey, Neville Keery, Catherine Ann Cullen, Seamus Cashman, Pauline Fayne and a themed reading on Winter Chill.
And open mic on both sides of the Atlantic will be themed – on the theme of ‘Interpreting Thanksgiving’, whatever one want to do with that!
And look out for upcoming publications
A Gumbo Abandoned and The Long View by R Nemo Hill
These remarkable long poems by New York poet R Nemo Hill, will be published in Autumn (Fall) 2009.
And Suddenly the Sun Again by Eamonn Lynskey
This exciting collection by Dublin poet Eamon Lynskey will be published in Winter 2009
New Collection by Alma Brayden
A first collection by Dublin poet and artist Alma Brayden will be published in 2009
Huncke by Rick Mullin
This book length poem by New Jersey poet, painter and journalist, Rick Mullin will be published in Spring 2010.
Other Publications News:
 Seven Towers will be accepting submissions for Census, The Second Seven Towers Anthology from the 25th March 2009.
Submissions are open until September 2009, when decisions will be given.
Please note that submissions will be accepted by email and should be mailed to with ‘Census Submission’ in the subject field. 
And remember to support Irish publishing and writing – Buy an Irish Book today!!
Census, The First Seven Towers Anthology is available for saleand €1 from each book will be donated to AWARE.  Submissions to 2nd Census will be accepted from Open mic in March 2009.
The Origami Crow, Journey into Japan. World Cup   Summer 2002 by Eamon Carr
 "I can’t praise it enough” John Waters
"It’s a gem" Stuart Clarke, Hot Press
 "witty and very readable." Eugene Masterson, The Sunday World
Across the Grid of Streets by Quincy R Lehr
"intellectually rigorous and displaying a serious engagement with poetic form" Michael O’Loughlin
"a wonderfully strong and powerful collection." John W Sexton
 "One of the finest poets I have had the pleasure of knowing". Liam Aungier
 "[Quincy’s] long, busy poems demonstrate much energy and narrative talent."
Fiona Sampson, The Irish Times.
 " the poems display Lehr’s unflinching intelligence and sharp-edged wit". David Yezzi
Scattering Day: 21 Sonnets and Other Poems by Noel Ó Briain.
"We are lucky today to have such a collection of work at our disposal" Gerard Mannix Flynn
The Death of Finn by Oran Ryan
"Oran is a new and powerful voice in Irish literature . . .the fine detail of the writing, and the clarity and simplicity of expression and phraseology . . . a serious and entertaining and perceptive novel of relationships and ideas and a book which will hold readers enthralled and awakened as they journey through it". Seamus Cashman
"Ryan brings a self-assured tone to this his debut novel" Sunday Tribune
"The Death of Finn succeeds well as a study of the search for faith and the inner workings of monasticism as seen from the Irish Catholic viewpoint, while also addressing the question of honesty with self and with others" Book View Ireland, Irish Emigrant (



Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger by Oran Ryan


“a stimulating, enjoyable and challenging novel that made me chuckle with its wry Beckett-like humour.” Frank Kelly


The Gentle Art of Rotting by Ross Hattaway


"An exciting new collection of poetry" Sunday Independent


Shiprocked, Life on the  Waves with Radio Caroline

By Steve Conway (Liberties Press 2009) €12.99


Gareth O’Callaghan, also a former Caroline DJ praises Steve’s “wonderful ability to tell stories and create pictures” and said “no movie script can ever better or overshadow the story that you tell so finely and so passionately”.



“he writes with a contagious sense of wonderment . . . reads like the radio obsessive version of Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch”,


The Bell By Ray Pospisil

Stark and haunting first collection by the late New York poet.


Old Men Forget by Doog Wood

Disturbing humorous, poignant and definitely unique first collection by North Carolina poet Doog Wood.


1000 Book Challenge Prices:


Books bought directly from the  Publisher only

Across the Grid of Streets by Quincy R Lehr PB €9.99 (RRP €14.99), HB €14.99, RRP €19.99

Highly acclaimed first collection by New York based Oklahoman poet, Quincy R Lehr.


The Bell by Ray Pospisil PB €9.99 (RRP €12.99)

Posthumous first collection from New York poet and journalist.


Census, The First Seven Towers Anthology PB €10.99 (RRP €14.99)

Anthology drawn from work read at Seven Towers spoken word events. 


The Death Of Finn by Oran Ryan PB €5.99 (RRP 9.99) HB €12.99 (RRP €19.95)

Debut novel by Dublin novelist, playwright and screen writer, tells of love life and death in a fictional religious order.


The Gentle Art of Rotting by Ross Hattaway PB €9.99 (RRP €14.99) HB €14.99 (RRP €19.99)

First collection of High Country poetry by New Zealand born Irish poet, Ross Hattaway.


Old Men Forget by Doog Wood PB €9.99 (RRP €12.99)

Debut collection from North Carolina poet and classicist


The Origami Crow, Journey Into Japan, World Cup Summer 2002 by Eamonn Carr €9.99 (RRP €14.99) HB €14.99 (RRP €19.99)

First book by Meath poet, musician, journalist and broadcaster.


Scattering Day, 21 Sonnets and Other Poems by Noel Ó Briain PB €9.99 (RRP €14.99) HB €14.99 (RRP €19.99)

Debut Collection by Wexford based producer, director, actor and poet.


Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger by Oran Ryan PB €5.99 (RRP 9.99) HB €12.99 (RRP €19.95)

Critically acclaimed second novel by Dublin novelist, playwright and screenwriter.