An open letter to our friends from Seven Towers

2011 – the worst of times?

Twenty Eleven was the most difficult of years. The consequences of the contraction in the housing market meant that the government could no longer rely on tax revenue from sources arising out of a credit market that fuelled a runaway economy. Banks were bailed out. Credit collapsed. People lost their jobs, wages were cut and disposable income fell precipitously. Empty housing estates and office blocks loom now like ghosts of a once monumental but essentially fake optimism borne of over priced houses.

As a consequence Seven Towers, like so many other companies, large and small, struggled through this year too, watching book stores close and publishing houses go out of business with increasing alarm. We saw a collapse in our book sales, and the consequent financial constraints on us,and reluctantly made decisions to hold off publication until things stabilized. We knew we had excellent authors. We did not want to put books out until the time was right. These were painful decisions, but necessary ones that proved right only now in hindsight.

The most difficult part of 2011 for us was the fact that Oran Ryan became ill early on in the year, and, having suffered from depression for many years, he was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. This had a natural knock on effect with the company and with other important obligations. It necessitated a lot of time and energy that would have been otherwise spent working with authors and preparing manuscripts was actually spent in rest, recuperation, and restablizing one of the founding members of Seven Towers. We know many of our authors felt somewhat left out of the loop, hearing little from Seven Towers for long periods of time. This is our opportunity to apologize for this here and now. it was due to a serious family illness. Over the past ten months Oran has recovered well and is now fully functional. We thank you for your patience and love. It helped hugely.

So what of 2012? well. We have several books coming out – A new volume by Oran Ryan, one by Quincy Lehr, one by Ross Hattaway, and one by Steve Conway. These are but a few of many which we will announce in the months to come. Before all that we have Census 3, with over 90 authors in it. We have been working away on these books for a long time. The writing is excellent.

We will be posting soon after Christmas our new events and regarding Census 3.

So that was our year that was. Have a wonderful Christmas, and we hope to see you in the New Year.


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