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Back for the first time of the New Year we saw our intrepid writers braving a cold basement on a wet stormy night, – it’s amazing what writers will suffer for their art.

First up was Steve Conway, reprising his short story ‘Steve always gets the girl’ – involving strange conversations, easter -egg nicknames  (no really!), hair cuts  (and not in a banker kind of way!), a little bit of flirting and a large Ukranian.   Next up was Pauline Fayne reading from her recently published new and selected Mowing in the Dark, ‘The Woman at the Busstop’ and ‘Father’. After Pauline. It was the turn of David Murphyreading a selection of poems – starting with ‘Iguassu’, then a New Year poem ‘Undergrowth’, his next poem was ‘Almost Made it’ – about the unluckiest man who died  at 99years 364 days – a nearly man. His final poem…

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Seven Towers Last wednesday Open Mic 25th Jan 2012 downstairs in the box Twisted pepper middle abbey st 7.30 pm

Dear Friends

A quick reminder of the Seven Towers Last Wednesday Open Mic on the 25th Jan 2012, downstairs in the ‘box’ at the Twisted pepper Middle Abbey St D. 1

At 7.30 pm. As always feel welcome, Come one, come all ! For more info go Here and Go Here . Newcomers always welcome.

Seven Towers