Last Wednesday Series 25 July 2012, Part 3

After another short break it and after some inadvertent stool throwing by Declan and compliments on the general hygiene levels of the group and lack of body odour ensconced as we were underground with no airconditioning, it was the turn of Jim Rooney, and of Molly the octogenerian prostitute, followed by O’Briain, dedicated to Noel O’Briain, and ending with another poem about Molly, this one dedicated to Declan!

After Jim, Phil Lynch came to the mic with a new atmospheric poem ‘Fallen’, followed by a poem about Tranar Rossan (I think) in Donegal, recalled by a recent radio show about walking in the area, and ending with another new work.

After Phil it was Sarah Lundberg, strangely making a Last Wednesday reading debut – following encouragement from Oran Ryan and Eamonn Lynskey. My work involved family roots – and lack thereof, history, bridges, coffins and sewage – though not all inthe same place at the same time – with ‘Another City Moment’, ‘My Grandfather’s House’, ‘Time Capsule’. ‘On Streets off Pearse Street’ and ending with the things you always want to say – in ‘Revenge Poem’

After Sarah it was the turn of Niall O’Connor also making a last Wednesday debut, following the bridge theme with ‘Ha’penny Bridge and the letting us in on the fact that the secret of climbing Mount Kilamanjaro (or however it is spelt – hey it’s late!) is irish Whiskey. And btw check out

After Niall it was Brendan McQuaile performing the introduction of what must be a wonderful one man show – based on the material that also went into his book March Away my Brothers.

And then we were done. Until 29 August that is. Til then . . . .

Niall O’Connor

Brendan mcQuail
Wipers, aka Ypres!


Last Wednesday Series 25 July 2012, Part 2

After our short break it was the turn of Oran Ryan, ably insulted by Declan, before he approached the space where the mic would sometimes be! Opening with a confession – about the origins of the piece, he the read ‘White Noise at Two Degrees Below Zero’ complete with heartbreak and grieving. He followed up with an Ode to Chocolate.

After Oran, it was the turn of Daniel Wade, making his Last Wednesday debut. Daniel read Vejir (I think) – an arabic term for a sinner – am open to corrections (about the spelling); he followed with ‘Marie Celeste’ from a series of poems named after famous ships – poem with end up being nothing about ships!! Daniel’s third poem was ‘My Father’s Words’, about growing out of that parent-hating phase!

By sheer coincidence, Daniel’s ship poem theme was followed at the mic by Paul O’Brien, also making his Last Wednesday debut and well known for his songs about sea ports, including Dublin port – Songs from the North Lotts – collected from history, memory of people in East Wall and self penned. Paul read ‘Last Drinks’ – his Irish civil war song.

After Paul it was the turn of Bob Shakeshaft reading onjectivity poetry – ‘Alone’; ‘Breaking Thoughts’ – described by Eamonn Lynskey as Bob’s ‘Sound Poem’. He also read ‘Searching’, ‘Take Time’, and ‘Tide In’. Bob read Michael Hartnet’s ‘Patience of Tree, for Nuala’ as his gift.

Last Wednesday 25trh july 2012

And as the sun cam out before the open mic, those who will brave anything to get to their open mic – snow, floods, etc,

for some reason think the sun is preferable!

Anyhoo, first up to the mic was Mr Hattaway, Pretending to be Dead, and ensuring to insult the company! Starting with an ode to the wet summer with ‘When the Dam Broke’, he followed this with ‘Shadow Tanka’ both from The Gentle Art of Rotting. Then he followed up, from Pretending to be Dead, with a comparison between the mating habits of elephants, and Dubliners, a poem Ross read, incidentally, at the recent Guinness World Record reading at the Irish Writers Centre – ‘The Must’, tehn 100,000 Welcomes, a homework exercise from one of a 2011 Last Wednesday – remember them! The, a quick plug for Facebook – and Ross’ new page – ‘Suppliers to the Games’ – with a selection of works using Ross’ particular brand of humour – including
Athleticrisps, and the official tooth pics – minijavs, and a particular incentive for hurdlers. His gift was from High McMillan, the Scottish poet – ‘Anglophobia’ which was about, well, Anglophobia!

After Ross it was the turn of Helen Dempsey reading the third part of her long poem about Lohengrin saving what is left of Ireland! This part was the vision of the castle and was called ‘Neuschwanstein Castle’, and was resplendent with colours and forests and some royal ivory towers, down trodden souls and opulant extravagances.

After Helen it was Ruairi Conneely to the non-mic mic (this being an open mic with no mic!). Ruairi’s first piece was a Spring poem – after a long introduction about a failed summer poem! His second piece a poem ‘Fame’ – or perhaps ‘infamy’ – and btw, no autographs! His final piece was a prose poem written at four in the morning, inspired by the unlikely subject of attempting to tile a bathroom – though the doubts described in the piece are of a more profound nature!

After Ruairi, Eamonn Lynskey, relaxed and tanned after his recent holiday, auctioning his words, with lot descriptions and sound effects, and possible intellectual friends. His gift was Thomas Hardy’s ‘Poem to Wind and Rain’

Be back after a short break!

Seven towers last wednesday social 25th july

The Last Wednesday social/Open mic, now in its sixth year, has provided a welcome evening of poetry prose and experimental fiction for countless listeners, writers and lovers of great literature, will, as usual, be starting as 7.30 of the clock, at the Twisted pepper Middle Abbey St (downstairs, first right as you enter the building) on the 25th july 2012

Looking forward! For more info go here

7 Towers

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poets in the doghouse – no really :-)

This Saturday, July 14th. 5pm (till about 6.30pm). Siamsa Tire, Tralee

POETS in the DOGHOUSE – six poets published by Doghouse in 2012 read from their books.

Monica Corish from Leitrum, Michael Farry from Meath, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Dun Laoghaire, James Lawless, Kildare, Greagóir Ó Dúill from Dublin / Donegal and Barbara Smith from Louth,

Book in advance or come along on the day. Entry fee €6 (concession €4) Tel 066 7123055

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested and feel free to ‘social network’ it




Lunch Available downstairs

Erin hails from Asheville in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and currently lives in a cabin in the wilds of Wicklow. After writing a bit of poetry in high school and a single poem in college she decided she liked performing more than pages and moved into spoken word. For fun she memorizes poems–hers and others–on her commute. She has performed her poetry at The Glor Sessions, Brownbread Mixtape, Speakeasy Cabaret in Greystones, and Kilmainham Arts Night in Dublin.

Raven is a poet, artist, cinematographer and activist from California. He studied film, graphic design and painting in college, worked intermittently as a graphic designer, cinematographer, and at whatever jobs I had to in order to make a living. In the gaps, joined the next generation of activists, applying my skills as an artist – including writing — to creative protest, guerilla theatre. He has written poetry since childhood and has honed his skill to be come one of the most mesmerizing of performers. As he says of himself: “Moved to Ireland in 2005, and moved from reading to performing, getting the opportunity to support Saul Williams twice during his 2006 tour, perform yearly at the Electric Picnic, as well as in Wales and England. I have been published in two anthologies in Ireland, won Balcony TV’s Best Alternative Performer award in 2008, and currently run and perform at the monthly spoken word showcase Tongue Box, in Dublin. In the past year I have been incorporating live music and soundscapes into my work, and a book and cd are in the works."