FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE : April is the Coolest Month


April is the Coolest Month

On Tuesday 2 April The Seven Towers Agency presents a poetry reading by Alma Brayden and Ross Hattaway at 1.15 pm in The White Lady Art Gallery, 14 Wellington Quay. All Welcome. Check

On Thursday 11 April The Seven Towers Agency presents poetry and prose readings on the theme of ‘Jesters, Jokes and Conundrums’ at 6.30 pm in The Workmans Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2. All Welcome. Check

On Wednesday 24 April The Seven Towers Agency holds its regular Last Wednesday Open Mic for poetry and prose at 7.00 pm in The Twisted Pepper Café, 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1. All Welcome. Check

This April is the Seven Towers Agency’s 7th Birthday, and we’re painting the town black, white and read all over.

All Seven Towers books will be priced at €7 for the duration of the April celebration for anyone who attends one of our events, or participates virtually.

We have a rich itinerary of events lined up for the month of April

· April 3rd – the First Tuesday Lunchtime for April, hosted by Eamon Lynskey, and with Seven Towers’ poets Ross Hattaway (The Gentle Art of Rotting and Pretending to be Dead) and Alma Brayden (Prism), 1.15pm White Lady Gallery, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2.

· April 6th All Day – our Official Birthday, this will be the launch of the new e-book editions of Oran Ryan’s novels: The Death of Finn, Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger and his latest One Inch Punch. Seven Towers launched itself with the publication of The Death of Finn on 6th April 2006. There will be a webchat and audio excerpts available online for virtual attendees – more info will be forthcoming at

· April 11th – the Themed Thursday reading, on the theme of Jesters, Jokes and Conundrums featuring Ross Hattaway (The Gentle Art of Rotting and Pretending to be Dead), Eamon Lynskey (And Suddenly the Sun Again), Oran Ryan (The Death of Finn, Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger, One Inch Punch) and Liz McSkeane (The Clock Tower Ghost and Other Writings,, Census), 6.30pm in the Workman’s Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2.

· April 13th All Day– the Launch of the e-book edition of Cut and Run in the Bronx by John Liam Shea. There will be a webchat and audio excerpts available online for virtual attendees – more info will be forthcoming at

· April 16th celebrations across the pond with John Kearns of the Irish American Writers and Artists ( ) at the salon in the Cell Theatre 338 W. 23rd Street New York, NY 10011 – readers will include John Liam Shea author of Cut and Run in the Bronx and Lissa Kiernan who featured in the Seven Towers Census Anthology.

· April 18th – Seven Towers showcase at the Irish Writers Centre, Parnell Square, featuring the Mount Temple School Writes of Passage workshop for young writers – who have just released their anthology The Clock Tower Ghost and Other Writings, which was launched by Roddy Doyle on 28 February 2013. Irish Writers Centre, 6.30pm

· April 20th All Day– Launch of ebook editions of Gentle Art of Rotting and Pretending to be Dead by Ross Hattaway. There will be a webchat and audio excerpts available online for virtual attendees – more info will be forthcoming at

· April 24th – the Last Wednesday Open Mic and Social for April, Twisted Pepper Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, 7.30pm.

· April 27th – the final event for our birthday month will be ebook launches of books including And Suddenly the Sun Again, by Eamonn Lynskey and Prism by Alma Brayden, Paradise Alley by John D Sheridan (Introduction by Sarah Lundberg and Joe Mooney) and a series of webchats and audio excerpts available online for virtual attendees – more info will be forthcoming at

· More events to be announces as the coolness spreads!!

Seven Towers is a not for profit publishing house and creative arts agency based in East Wall in Dublin and run entirely by volunteers.

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themed reading 14th march TELEVISION :-)

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Directors: Sarah Lundberg (Managing),

The Seven Towers

Seven Towers was set up as a not for profit company in 2006 by a group of friends who loved great literature and wanted to play a part in the cultural scene. They knew of a great many superb writers and poets, who, because of the size of the Irish Market, were not finding publishers and exposure to the public. Thus they began publishing and agenting books and setting up readings, and have continued to do so since then. Seven Towers is not supported by any grant or aid, and is run totally on the good will of those who help and promote our work. We strive to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and co operation among artists of many different genres and disciplines. We also strive to foster a strong international feel to our work, inviting poets from other continents to drop by and read with us and work with us. Not only this, but 7Towers runs readings in the US and in Britain, including the Last Wednesday Series, and the Chapters and Verse series. Seven Towers is immensely proud to be part of a flourishing Dublin Literary scene and sees a bright future for Irish and international Writing.

Directors: Sarah Lundberg

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Eamonn Lynskey in conversation with Oran Ryan Tuesday 5th March

First Tuesday Reading

Location : White lady Gallery 14 Wellington Quay (near Clarence Hotel @ workman’s Club)

On Tuesday 5 March The Seven Towers Agency presents poet and novelist Oran Ryan in Conversation with Eamonn Lynskey at 1.15 pm in The White Lady Art Gallery, 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2. All welcome

Oran Ryan is a writer living in East Wall in Dublin. He has written novels: The Death of Finn(Seven Towers, 2006) Ten Short Novels by ArthurKruger (Seven Towers 2007), and One Inch Punch(Seven Towers, 2012). He has written plays: Don Quixote has Been Promoted(2009, Ranelagh Arts Festival) for the Stage and radio: Preliminary Design For a Universe Circling Spacecraft(KRPN, San Francisco, California 2010) He has written and published many short stories, poetry and literary critical articles, particularly on William Burroughs, Marcel Proust and more recently on Virginia Woolf. He is currently working on his next novel called Hardcastle Dies Laughing, and a volume of poetry called Portrait of an Atheist Monk at Prayer. One of his areas of interest is creative collaboration between various artistic disciplines.

Eamonn Lynskey is a Dublin writer. His poetry has been published widely since its first appearance in the 1980s in the Irish Press ‘New Irish Writing’ page edited by the late David Marcus. Publications in which his work has appeared include Poetry Ireland Review, Cyphers, SHOp, The Stinging Fly, The Stony Thursday Book, and Crannog. His first collection, ‘Dispatches & Recollections’, was published by Lapwing (Belfast) in 1998 and his second ‘And Suddenly the Sun Again’, was published in (2010) by Seven Towers Ltd. He was nominated for a Hennessy / Sunday Tribune award in 2006. He has read and performed his poetry widely and is an enthusiastic supporter of the open mic in Dublin, London and elsewhere. In May 2011 he enjoyed a two-week stay at the Heinrich Boll Cottage writer’s retreat in Achill. He studied for an M.Phil in Creative Writing at Trinity College, Dublin during 2011-12 and will be conferred next April. ‘Dispatches & Recollections’ (1998)

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Tues-Sat open 12-6pm
Closed Mondays & Sundays

White Lady Art is a New Contemporary Art gallery in Dublin, Ireland, featuring some of Ireland’s best Lowbrow, Pop Surrealist, Urban, Graphic, Outsider and Folk Surrealist artists. We are also proud to represent artists from America and Europe.

The gallery is a place collectors can come and see art that has previously lived on the periphery of art culture in Ireland; where artists can come and be inspired; where culture vultures can hang out and read one of our art books or magazines with a cuppa. The emphasis is on enjoying the art, enjoying the space, and getting rid of pretension and high-culture diffidence.

On the website you will find interviews and videos of artists and openings who are dedicated to their craft and are breaking down traditional molds of art practice. While the gallery will showcase New Contemporary art from around the world, many of these artists will be Ireland-based.

Much of the art that is being lauded and applauded in cities such as London, Berlin, San Francisco and Los Angeles is also present and flourishing here in Ireland. However, because Ireland has few places where artists can exhibit this ultra-modern art, and exhibiting in the many wonderful pop-up spaces in Dublin is expensive, it remains unseen and underground.