New York based writer Maura Mulligan appears in Dublin this Tuesday

New York based writer Maura Mulligan appears in Dublin this Tuesday

Her memoir “Call of the Lark” recalls emigration from Mayo , her life as a nun and questioning the role of women in the Catholic Church

Seven Towers is delighted to host an event this Tuesday, 6th August, with New York based writer Maura Mulligan.

Maura Mulligans recent memoir “Call of the Lark” recalls her life in Mayo in the mid 20thcentury and her later emigration to America. Here she was to become a Nun and spend 16 years in religious service, before leaving and becoming involved in the arts – as a dancer, actress and author.

Maura Mulligans experiences as revealed in this memoir touches on so much that is relevant to us today – the Irish rural tradition still survives , the role of the Catholic church remains central to many lives (even those who question and doubt it), and unfortunately emigration is once again a factor in national life. This is a unique opportunity to share in the experiences that shaped one woman –who used her immense creative talent to record vividly the events and spiritual struggle that were part of her artistic development.

Maura Mulligan will be appearing in

The Twisted Pepper

54 Abbey Street, Dublin 1 ,

Tuesday 6th August at 1.15pm

All are welcome to this free event, where there will be an opportunity to hear Maura read from her work, and there will also be a live interview recorded where she will discuss her life and her art.

According to Sarah Lundberg, of Seven Towers: “Maura was born in Mayo, the home county of Taoiseach Enda Kenny. She was amongst the many of her generation who emigrated to the United States in the hope of finding a better life there. In the year when we are celebrating The Gathering, with a new focus on those who left our shores, it is important that people like Maura get to tell their story, and we are delighted to provide her with the opportunity to speak in Dublin.”

Maura Mulligan is currently available for interviews both live and pre-recorded. Contact Sarah Lundberg at 0894240261

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This event represents the second recent collaboration between Seven Towers and Irish American Writers And Artists (AIW&A). In July John Kearns , author and playwright joined us for a reading at The Twisted Pepper and also delivered a talk on The Molly Maguires at the Sean O’Casey Theatre , East Wall .