Bullying Gets a ONE INCH PUNCH – Oran Ryan’s new novel

Press Release

Super Back to School Reading – for adults!

The devastating impact of Bullying is central to Oran Ryan’s novel It’s

that time of the year again, back to school! It is a time of mixed

emotions, as teachers, parents and children all adjust in their own

way. For some, it’s a time to fear…as the spectre of the Bully stands

before them. One of those who faced down that spectre was Dublin author

Oran Ryan, who has used his experience as the raw material this

terrific novel is built from. It is a novel that addresses the issue so

powerfully that it was quoted from in a Seanad debate on the issue!

As a special back to school promotion , with every copy of One Inch Punch

by Oran Ryan sold in October, a copy of Oran’s first novel, The Death

of Finn will be given absolutely free (and yes, ebook purchasers will

get free ebook) (Buy from http://www.seventowers.ie) Highlighting the ever

topical, sensitive issue of bullying at school, Oran Ryan’s novel One

Inch Punch traces the life of Gordon Brock, at gifted child who was

bullied at school, and the effect both this bullying and the young

Gordon’s response to it, had on his life. Based on Ryan’s own

experiences of being bullied as a schoolboy, and on his life-long

battle with depression, this intelligent, erudite work provides insight

as well as entertainment. Just what you need for your school morning’s

coffee break! And – to enhance your experience, we’re giving a free

copy of Oran’s brilliant first novel, The Death of Finn, with all

purchases of One Inch Punch for the month of September.

One Inch Punch was discussed by Senator David Norris in a Seanad Debate

on bullying. On 14 November 2012, describing Oran as a writer of talent,

Senator Norris went on to say about One Inch Punch that it is "a very subtle

book, revolving entirely around the devastating impact of bullying on a

child in a school for gifted children." Senator Norris launched One

Inch Punch on 15 November 2012, describing the books as "engaging",

"terribly funny . . . clever and quirky" and "heartbreaking in places".

He also likened some passages to the work of Flann O’Brien. Oran Ryan

says "I am honoured that Senator Norris, a man I greatly admire agreed

to launch One Inch Punch and am delighted that it was used in the

Seanad to highlight the problem of bullying. The issue is beginning to

be highlighted in the media, but I believe that it is impossible to

overstate the long term damage that bullying can cause and the fact

that it affects people all of their lives. This is something that needs

to be communicated to teachers and bullies."

One Inch Punch is based on Oran’s own experiences of being bullied at school.

Originally from Portobello, Dublin, Oran Ryan is now delighted to call East Wall,

Dublin 3, home. Oran attended school at Synge Street for both his

primary and secondary school. One Inch Punch is Oran’s 3rd novel, his

others being The Death of Finn and Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger.

Seamus Cashman, publisher and editor said of The Death of Finn that it

is "a serious and entertaining and perceptive novel of relationships

and ideas and a book which will hold readers enthralled and awakened

and they journey through it . . . [Oran Ryan] is a new and powerful

voice in Irish literature". Actor and writer, Frank Kelly, said of

Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger that it is "a stimulating and

challenging novel that made me chuckle with its wry Beckett-like

humour! Oran Ryan is available to talk about One Inch Punch, his

writing, his experience of bullying and his long battle with


Contact: Sarah Lundberg – 0894240261,


One Inch Punch by Oran Ryan ISBN 978-0957-151086 ?11.99

Ebook 978-0-9571510-0-0 ?7

The Death of Finn by Oran Ryan ISBN-13: 978-0955275708 ?8

Ebook ISBN 9780957151024 ?5

Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger by Oran Ryan 978-0955275760 ?8

Ebook ISBN 978-0-9571510-5-5 ?5

One Inch Punch, The Death of Finn and Ten Short Novels by Arthur Kruger are available through http://www.seventowers.ie.

Trade queries can also be made through the site and through info@seventowers.ie.

Seven Towers is a not for profit publishing house, based in East Wall in Dublin and run entirely by volunteers.


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