First Tuesday Interview With Poet Fiona Bolger 1st Oct 2013


Today at the First Tuesday interview, Fiona Bolger spoke to Oran Ryan about the inspiration for the title of her poetry collection¬†The Geometry of Love Between the Elements, the elements of love, her reason for writing, the inspiration of Kilkenny, languages, her life in India, her new project – Cure Poems – and most importantly, how much she loves her daughter ūüôā

She also read, and explained the story behind two of the poems in her collection – ‘Mattancherry Palace’ and ‘X Marks The Spot’.



There is no shortage of Writers in Ireland. Whether they hail directly from Ireland or come here to live and work and hopefully stay, the diverse nature of styles and influences and historical experiences inherent in their work is fascinating to listen to, and certainly at events like this, which is a census of such different writing styles, one hears everything.

At the IWC on Wednesday 22nd Feb 2012, there were literally hundreds of writers coming and going from about seven o’ clock till ten in the evening , some reading, many buying large numbers of the Census 3 anthology, proud parents delighted to see their offspring get their first publication, Writers with many books to their name checking the text and pleased to see friends they admire in the same book as they, others who have been to so many launches, or indeed are dropping by to say hello to buy a book and wander off to another event, got to meet the people for the few minutes they were there they hadn’t seen in years or weeks . Writing is that most uncertain and isolate of existences. Hence these moments whether it be a celebration of the launch of a rather big book like Census 3 or a smaller reading, the mere fact reading and celebrating the written word is not just a key element of the creative process. It is that. But it connects one with others who are beavering away at their own work. Mr Eamonn Lynskey, poet, wit and raconteur, who edited this particular tome, led the proceedings, that is, after the managing director, Sarah Lundberg, welcomed the throng of poets, thinkers and scriveners, and spoke of the challenges and joys of bringing out the third on the Census trilogy. (Word has it there will be a forth). Eamonn introduced six readers, as I recall, including Seamus Cashman, Lucy Hattaway, Clar Ni Aongusa, John Sexton, Hugh Mc Fadden, among others. The readings were representative and excellent. With 94 authors, it was impossible to have even a quarter of them up on stage. I thought it a good thing, though . A launch is pretty much a celebration, where people can meet and socialize and buy books. So accompanying these words are many pictures. There are more. I keep getting welcome emails with more pictures. A good time really was had by all.

Finally this is my big opportunity to plug a friend of ours. The Irish writers Centre needs your support. It’s a fantastic place. Join them. Go to their gigs. Support them. They really went way beyond the call of duty to make us welcome and make the night such a huge success.

All photos are copyrighted to the generous and gifted Rafael Joacim

Oran Ryan

You Are Cordially Invited to The Last Wednesday Gig – In New York and Dublin

The LAST WEDNESDAY OPEN MIC  reading is a showcase event for published writers from Ireland and abroad, (including self publications) with an opportunity to publicise and sell books, as well as a combined showcase and peer review event for new and upcoming writers. It also, for many of those who come along for the strong social element to this event, a pleasant evening spent in the company of others, and an opportunity to hear many different styles of writing: poetry, short stories, experimental prose, sometimes in many different languages and styles of expression.We encourage all those to purchase a beverage at the bar, and to please drink sensibly.

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